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Friday, March 23, 2007


Ok, I just found the funniest thing, call it "the story of the day" -
Kevin Federline has created his own search engine, . When you use it you stand the chance of winning fabulous prizes! How about a signed t-shirt or CD?? Haha, I think I can live without one to be honest...

Last night me and D went and saw the new movie 300 and I loved it! What a brilliant piece of graphic art! It certainly makes the list over my favourite films.
We also had Moroccan food in a basement, off a golden tray! The food was ridiculously over priced and not that great, but it was nice to relax on the cushions on the floor in a private little corner!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Screw the government

So, working my new job now then. So far so good. I just can't wait to learn about it all! I usually don't like the first week or two because I feel like I don't know anything... And I hate not knowing! But here I'll at least have the interest to learn fast! I just get a bit restless, sitting in front of the computer for so long...
Got a task from my boss yesterday, to find 200 of the best blogs in two certain fields, plus 10 possible investors. Only 20 blogs left and a few VC's...
And we're only four in the office! I quite like it. And they're all nice.
But I feel a bit bad for blogging at work... But surely it must be alright if I don't spend too much time on it and I finish my tasks in time...?

And so, yeah, spring has officially arrived to the UK! Lovely... But now they're talking about it coming too early and that it's our fault letting too much garbage out. So now they want to tax us on certain things, like extra air-tax and such. I say bullshit! Extra taxes on airfare and only allowed one holiday a year?! They're taking the piss, it's a money making thing for the government. The climate has always been changing, it's been getting warmer and warmer for forever, and I believe it's happening naturally.
Governments makes me so mad...

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I got a new job today

I haven't been so happy for a long time - I got a new job. I've been dreaming for a job like this for ages too. I'm going to work in an office for a new company in the City and it's in the field that I want to build a career in aswell - web designing and media! All that's missing is the graphic design... But that can always come later!
I am thrilled to finally have a monthly salary, now finally I can start budgeting. And it will definately be enough for me and D to be able to move to a more attractive area in London at last! I've been thinking about Fulham lately, or Hammersmith, but I'm sort of missing Maida Vale a bit aswell....

I'm loving life right now! Tonight we're celebrating! (Actually we're celebrating the whole weekend I think! :)

Monday, February 26, 2007


Was up in the Swiss mountains this weekend, in Verbier, a skiresort. It was amazingly beautiful up there and so great to see and feel snow again! Didn't get to ski though, had no time for that since we had to work both nights in a nightclub. Didn't make as much money as I had hoped though since when you convert the Swiss francs to British pounds, you get almost nothing... So all that traveling for nothing, I'm so tired of having to travel all the time. No more.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm going skiing??

Guess where I am going over the weekend. To a famous exclusive ski-resort in Switzerland. Don't know how I got there but my boss thought I deserved to go! Me and one other girl are going, all expenses paid, from Friday to Sunday to work in this club, giving people massages. I'm excited but nervous at the same time. Don't really want to go either, I mean, I just got back to the UK! It's just a bit sudden... But it should be fun. But I don't have any winter clothes. I left them all behind when we moved to South Africa!

Me and D have also fought about who gets to go to see The Killers this Saturday at Wembley stadium with one of our good mates who has 2 tickets. I guess he gets to go now then as I am off skiing...

Otherwise London's awesome. Trying to get used to it again though as life here gets quite hectic. So much going on I sometimes feel like just hiding in my bed all day. Sitting on an internet cafe now in Baker Street and there is so much life going on here! This time of day it's mostly residents, wich is alright to handle, but during the days Baker Street is an absolut nightmare! With all the tourists that are running around confused, it gets messy.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Cheap date

That's our new house. I like those old style British houses.

I called my old boss today and it looks as if I can start working next week already. He told me there is heaps of work for me, both day- and nightwork. Not looking forward to it that much but it will be nice to earn some good money again.

Last night we met one of D's old mates from high school, he's over from Portugal for a week. He's very nice. We had a few beers and I got drunk after only 2. Gosh, that's tragic... Got to get used to the whole drinking thing again. But at least it doesn't cost us a lot of money that way.

The sun is actually shining here today. London looks so beautiful when the sun is out. And I'm spending the day on Kilburn high road again... But everything I need is right here and very cheap. Haven't been in to the centre yet and I can't go until D's off work on Monday otherwise he'd probably get mad! He's been dieing to see Piccadilly for so long now. I've been dieing to go to Camden for so long! But I wan to go there with money so that I can buy stuff for our home. Went to IKEA yesterday and bought some stuff. Love IKEA! Feel right at home. And I got so happy when I saw they had Swedish food to buy aswell! Sw. caviar and meatballs and rosehip soup and "dammsugare"-cookies! Definately going back there soon again with D.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Back home

Now I'm in London. And I'm happier than I've been for almost a year! It feels so incredibly good to be back... Now I can finally do my own thing and be my self again. It's exciting and cool and it's my home.

D went through the passport control fine and quick at Gatwick, he even went to the line for the EU citizens! So now he's just a few years away from becoming a British citizen.

We stayed at a hostel in Kensal Green the first night back. Shared a room with 2 drunk Italians but it was ok. Met up with our 2 best friends here for a few beers in Shepherd's Bush and then we went and viewed a house in dodgy Wood Green. But we ended up taking a room in Willesden Junction instead and we moved in last night. It's alright and only temporary, we will look for a nicer place more central in a couple of months.

D's working today already which is good becouse we need the money. I'll probably only start working next week or the week after. Not looking forward to that at all.... Will look for another part-time job aswell as my nightjob, the more money the better.

Now I'm headed out to Kilburn High Road to buy some food for the house, roses for D, haircolour and maybe a hat!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

last day

Last day at work today. Pretty soft. Also our last day with a car. The German's are moving out tomorrow and they're taking the car with them. Our friends from the UK have one though so maybe we can phone them if we want to do something.
Looking for good and cheap hostels in London for us to stay in for the first few days. But damn they're expensive! Really not looking forward to charing a room and bunkbeds with 20 other people either... God I wish we find a flat quickly.

Also last day I'll be able to "surf good waves" so to speak. I'm going back to the same place as I first started my SA-vacation, Carletonville. Might be able to check emails once or twice, otherwise - see you in London next!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

We're getting babies!

D and I have descided that we want to get ourselfs a few housemates when we move in to our own place in London. Two kittens and one puppy Dalmation! I am still reading about the Dalmations and some say they make very easygoing pets, while some say it's not for a first time dog owner. But then again, a baby is probably the hardest thing to have, and you could never say it's not for "1st time mother's". It's something you learn along the way, to keep a pet or a baby. But the kittens are descided for sure! I have been longing for a pet for so long now... I miss my cat back home in Sweden.

I have also descided that I want a red convertible Mini Cooper Sport! Haha. Except I can't drive on the left-handside of the road in London anyway... I'll have D to drive me around perhaps!

Tonight I am so upset that I couldn't come with D and his friends, who are down from Pretoria, to Camps Bay and drink coctails by the beach! They are only down here untill Monday and so it will probably be the same shit tomorrow. At least it's my last day at work tomorrow afternoon.

Two nights ago we had our London friends over at the house for drinks and a brai. Started off drinking by the pool, amazingly cool. Then we had drinks again yesterday then with the Pretoria friends. I don't enjoy drinking that much anymore so I didn't have much on either of the nights. Won't wake up with the dreaded hangover that way then like D did!

Only 3 days left in Cape Town now. I don't really feel sad about it. At all. But rather quite relieved... No matter what the weather's like in the UK, I'm sure I will feel a lot happier there than here.

2 things I am going to buy here and bring back to London? - Roiboos tea and Pro-nutro breakfast! Yum

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

CV, 35 dgrs, beer

I'm trying to write up a CV. Again. I never finish them becouse I don't like them. How can I make a CV good with barely any education and only petty little jobs that I've gone back and forth to? What do I write about IbizaAngels? And the paintball job?

Today we had 35 degrees outside with barely any wind. And ofcourse we had to drive for over an hour to get my passport stamped with the extention of my visa... And ofcourse we don't have air-con in the car. At least I got to swim in the pool for a little while today and stand in the sea for 3 minutes between the visa appointment and work...
And I got up to the office and the air-con didn't work properly becouse of the heat, and my chocolate melted and so did my cheese on my sandwiches (which is not entirely a bad thing).

I did take some pictures today, of the beach and some townships that we drove past, and I was going to put them up here but I forgot the camera cabel... And the first couple of hours we didn't have internet at work, thought it would have been for the whole 8 hours, but thank god it came back! Otherwise I'd have played Solitaire the whole night!

After D dropped me off at work this afternoon, he had to wait 2 hours before he could pick the Germans up. And when they finally came they wanted to wait a while until the traffic calmed down. So they went to a bar and bought him 2 beers! How long I've waited for a cold beer in a pub.... And now the fucken Germans takes D there! I'm so jelous right now...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm gonna study!

I might have descided finally, but am prepared for a change of hearts fairly soon.... I am going to study Graphic Design! It has cought my attention and my affection (can I say that about a subject?) and I find it very beautiful. Or maybe just study that sort of design and then get into Web Design, I don't know.
So do I do it in London then? Is that expensive? Which school? When do I start? How do I do it at the same time as I work? So many questions, it almost puts me straight off studying again...!

Today we have to wait 2 hours for the Germans to finish work so we're going to go to one of Clifton's beaches and sit on the beach for a while. It's like a mini-paradise there... Then a couple of people are coming over to view the flat, and then we're off to the cinema to see Blood Diamond! D has been dying to see it.And after today I only have 3 more shifts at work! Cool.

I wish everyone in London who new me and D a year ago, could see us now and how great we have become. The people that used to doubt us and think that we wouldn't last. Now WE are the ones that is lasting, when everybody else is breaking up! I wasn't as bad as everybody thought I was. It used to be very hurtful to hear that my "friends" were going behind my back trying to make D realise how bad I was for him, well, who's laughing now bitches! Haha, screw you.

First thing I'm gonna do when I get back to London? Go to a pub and have a pint of beer! Looking forward to it most of all.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

CokaCola vs. Pepsi

Cape Town today is hot hot hot. Barely no wind and sun that makes your skin boil! I don't want to complain, but it's a bit too hot... People can never just be happy with what they have!
Me and D went down to the beach to cool off in the sea but the water was colder than ever! I have never been in water that cold it made our skin hurt. So we didn't stay long but went swimming in the pool instead where the water was absolutely puurrrrrfect.....

I saw this funny thing on where he posted a picture of Kate Moss drinking Coke and he said "Wouldn't you just think she'd at least switch to Pepsi???". I thought that was pretty funny...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

punch me

I realised today that I've been acting really silly lately. But I get like this when I'm not happy, every little thing I blow up, and I start creating problems in my head. We are very unhappy with our situation and in South Africa at the moment, D and I, and becouse we only have eachother right now, we become eachother's punchbags. He said to me today that I never smile anymore, all I do is sleep and work. It's so true, but I rather waste a few extra hours sleeping, than wasting them in front of some stupid show on tv. We are even bored with the beach, we hardly ever go there anymore.
But we are leaving soon, and that's why we don't deal with things and try and make it better. That's why we haven't made any friends here, and that's why we don't have any money.
Sometimes I wonder how things would have been if D didn't get his visa... We would have stayed here permanently and then would things be different? I think I would have gone mad if we stayed...

I read that Hillary Clinton is running for president. I like her, and I liked Bill. She would make an awesome president, I'm sure!
I also read that Hugh Heffner wants to be a dad again. With one of the 3 playbunnies from the show on Mtv! I must admit I watched that show from time to time and I find it quite funny. This girl is also my favourite one of the three!
Then I saw an atricle about this guy who had lost 4 kilo's by playing tv games for just 30 minutes a day. I find that hard to believe. It would probably be becouse of something else - maybe he didn't eat?

Friday, January 19, 2007

a wasted day

"It's a sin to be tired." /Kate Moss
And sure it is, becouse then you will be considered boring. And I've been tired constantly rescently... I want to feel normal again and have energy during the days! But becouse I'm always tired I never want to do anything and I become very tired and unhappy.
Tonight is my last night shift though, maybe that will help things. But then when I get back to London I will do it again... At least then I don't have to stay up all night, just till 3am.

Today I got a warning at work. I hate that, I feel so embarrased... I like to be good at what I do and I hate it when I make mistakes. I had said something to a player that I wasn't aloud to speak about, but in my defence, I didn't know about it.

Today I didn't do anything. Becouse I worked night last night aswell, I slept till 4pm, then D woke me up and I went with him to pick up the bloody Germans. Then I pretty much went back to sleep, and then back to work. What a waste of a day...

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Watching a video clip from a Tiesto consert in Rio and it looks absolutely amazing. A new goal to add to the list - go to Rio.
Haha, also found this picture on the news of a car parked outside a hospital!
And I also read that our Swedish prince got stopped by the police on the airport in America when he flew in becouse he had forgotten his passport in Venezuela and the police didn't believe him when he said "I'm Swedish royalty"!

Last night when the sun set, D and I saw a comet by the horizon. It's called McNaught and apparantly it's the brightest one we've been able to see for 30 years. And it's made from ice! It got discovered last year and it got us talking - if scientists would discover that a comet would hit the earth in a years time, would they tell us? I don't think so. We would have chaos. Would want to know? I wouldn't....I think.

Damn it's hard to have a pleasant night at work... I have my headsets on but the French guy next to me can hear my music, and I can hear his, so he keeps turning up his radio. And he's singing aswell... Right now I want to rip his head off and throw him out the window.

Am I talking about D too much? He keeps telling me that whenever he goes to a party and I'm not there, I'm all he ever speaks about. I want to do the same to him, and I want to shout out to everyone that I'm his! I am so proud to be his girlfriend... I feel, I know I am, so lucky to have him. But he has become a bit of a cleanfreak at home, he can't stop cleaning. But that's not all bad!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Illegal foreigner

That's what I am today, an illegal foreigner in South Africa. I got to the home affairs and it was so African; green walls, sweaty, slow... They crapped me out at first asking me why I had waited so long before extending my visa, it expired yesterday. I wasn't planning on extending it at all becouse I knew it costs a lot of money. But then how was I gonna be able to fly to Johannesburg? They gave us a R1000 fine and we had to pay R425 for the extention. Shit, we can't afford that right now! But there was a judge next door and so we went to her and asked her to lower the fine, and she wrote off the whole thing! What a nice lady.

Yesterday we were sitting bored at home so we went and bought a bottle of vodka and some diet coke and then we went to the beach and started drinking. We got so pissed.... I can't even remember half the evening. D told me today that we went swimming, the water was lovely yesterday, but I was too drunk to stand, I'm glad I didn't drown! Then I kept falling over on the way home, then we spoke to some neighbour, and this morning I found the bathroom in a total mess. D can't remember anything that happened from the time we got home to when we went to bed. I must have made a fool out of myself, but at least we had a very good time.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

America's the new terrorists

Blah, work is just pissing me off lately, peple just won't shut up and they behave like kids. And kids are not allowed to gamble online so clearly they are all grown ups. I wish I could turn off all their chats.

This morning on the news they were going over to "the American terror" and that is really what it has become. America is the new terrorists and Bush is the dictator. Now I think it's our responsibility to stop them, instead we are just watching, wondering what will happen next. Just becouse America is a great power, doesn't mean that they can do whatever they want and make their own decisions about what's right and what's wrong.

I've fallen in love all over again, with the same man, for the 30th time. It's wonderful and I love him and I can't see myself with anybody else. I watched a clip of Sienna Miller and Jude Law before and it struck me how much me and D look like them! Except, obviously we are not them, so our lovestory will hopefully not end the same way...
Blah, work is just pissing me off lately, peple just won't shut up and they behave like kids. And kids are not allowed to gamble online so clearly they are all grown ups. I wish I could turn off all their chats.

This morning on the news they were going over to "the American terror" and that is really what it has become. America is the new terrorists

Thursday, January 11, 2007

the Young Vic

Ok, enough Gumtree browsing for one night. But found quite a few ads for places that sounded really good. But I also found a warning posted by someone warning about certain agencies. I was planning on joining one once back, but now I might not then...

Poor Dan, I woke him up this morning at 3am becouse he had gotten an email from some guy who wanted to see him about a play. But when I read out the email D said "But that's in London", shit yeah, the Vic is in London. Shame, he couldn't go to that one then...

Now the sun is rising again, it's beautiful. One hour left at work but that's always the longest hour. And, yeeey, we've got the flat by ourselfs this weekend! The Germans went up to Kreuger Park to get us a pet lion!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Summer's back

Today the heat finally came back. So this afternoon I will spend a few hours on the beach and get back my colour!
I don't like doing the morning shift at work, there's too many people and too much yaddering. Bet they're all really jelous on me becouse of the job I'm doing, which is to surf the net and do fun stuff online! Haha
I don't like living with the German people, the language abrrier is cousing so much irritation from me and D. I hope they don't realise... And since they own half the car now, they wanna go half on cleaning the engine. D went to a garage today and they said it would be R100 to get it fixed, and so we are gonna tell the Gremans that it's actually R200! Feel a bit bad doing that, but it's really not our problem to get it fixed as they are the new owners of the car. They are just paying half now and half in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to get rid of the car! And now I don't want to buy a car again until I can afford a brand new one and I really need it. But I don't think that's gonna happen any time soon as we are going to live in London.

This morning I watched a bit of the news as I was making my lunch for work, and a reporter came on to do a story which I can't remember what it was about, but that's not important anyway. I couldn't understand a word of what she was saying!! She kept talking for about 5 minutes and during that time I think I picked up 3 words. I just can't understand how they can hire someone to do the English news on tv when they don't even freakin speak English! It's all becouse of this stupid "affermative action". It is not even a good idea on paper, and it's definately not working! It only takes the country in the wrong direction, the country is going through so many changes (and fast!), but they are all in the wrong direction!
D got a bit mad at me yesterday when we were cooking dinner and said "You don't even like this country a little bit, do you?!". very much.... I wanted to! Before I came to South Africa I thought I was going to one of the greatest countries in the world and I was very much looking forward to it. But now it's changed and I would only consider coming back here for a short vacation.... Sorry D.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


How good is YouTube?!
Brilliant... I just discovered it now. I mean, I've heard about it before, people braging about it, but I had never watched it. And now, finally, I found fotage of the fireworks in London on new years eve, and Faithless new song (my new favourite) "bombs". I'm definitely buying his new cd as soon as I can afford it!

so much heaven so much hell so much love so much pain so much more than i thought that this world could ever contain

This morning when D was driving me in to work, we stopped at a red-light in this dodgy area and this black dude was crossing the street. When the green-light came on, D said to me that he had been a bit wary of this guy and had prepaired to accellerate off quickly just in case. Then I wanted to say to him, but stopped myself, that I don't wanna live in a country where you have to lock your cardoor when your driving so that noone can try and hijack you, and where you don't have to stop at a red-light at night if it looks unsafe, and where you worry ever time you're on the road that someone might run right in to you, and where you can't leave anything outside your house at night (tables, chairs a.s.o) becouse someone will probably steal it.
I wanna live in a safe place where I don't have to be scared to walk on my own or have to worry about other people trying to do me harm in any way.
Sure, London might not be thought of as the safest place on earth, but I can honestly say that I have never felt scared or intiminated there ever. I feel completely protected, free and safe there.

This morning, right before the alarm went off at half past 5, I heard noise from the road outside. I could hear it was blacks and it sounded like they were having a streetparty or something! They were singing and shouting and laughing, and I asked D what it was all about, and he said "it's probably the garbage truck" Haaah, asinging garbage truck?! But it might not be so far fetched, they do lay in the back on the garbage as they are driving... Wierdos.

Friday, January 05, 2007

my S.A. blog init

I really can't wait to leave now! Missing London so much. And I can't help myself to look for Swedes in London or rescent photos taken in the city. But it just makes my heartache worse...

After a lot of thinking, I now think we've descided to look for a place in Hampstead; Hampstead Heath, for example, is so nice... And the park. It's like a little suburb but still very central. Perfect. But D might still be quite fond of Maida Vale, but I found it rather boring. It was pretty and all, and so easy and quick to get to and from the city from there. But hardly any restaurants and bars... Which is so important! There was "E-bar" which was very nice but boring becouse we've been there so many times, and then there were a pub, which was soooo dodgy.... Then a few really expensive little French cafes and such, which were really quite nice but cost way too much for what you actually got. I suppose, after all, Warwick Avenue is a very posh area.

But nownow, this is supposed to be a "South African blog", I am after all still in S.A.
But not much is happening down here at the moment. It's all really quiet becouse it's right after the holidays. And me and D still don't have enough money to splash out with, despite selling half the car and sharing rent with the Germans. It's all for London. And today we are buying D's planeticket.
Yesterday I slept until 3pm becouse I only got home at half past 7am after a nightshift. Then D came and woke me up with food in bed (as always!) and he had gotten me some magazines from the library. Then we descided to be just a little bit good today and get some exercise, so we took a long walk on the bach before the sun set. Then I watched a movie and then back to sleep. I sleep a lot. It might make the time to go quicker.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


I took this photo just 5 minutes ago from work. On the other side of the office the sun is rising over Africa. And next to me sits a slumbering african.
It's been a long night at work but still I'm not very tired. Seems like as if I just don't get tired in front of a computer. As soon as I get in to the car after work though, I become a zombie..

Last night we had our first brai in the house with the German couple that just moved in with us for January. They're nice people but speak little english which can be a bit irritating sometimes.

Otherwise all is cool, not much happening at the moment as we are saving all our money for London. So we mostly just stay at home or kill some good hours on the beach. Sometimes, when we're lucky, the currant comes from the Indian ocean which makes it a bit warmer than if it comes from the Atlantic, and then it's really nice to jump in the water! And today we went looking for shark teeth on the beach! Heard that you sometimes can find them there!

Monday, January 01, 2007


Kate Moss is presumably getting married today in Thailand. Good for her. But I wanna see her ring! And her dress! And her hair.... Apparently it's gonna be a bohemian beach-wedding. How lovely..

I haven't slept that much today and here I am once again on a nightshift, so no slep tonight again.... I got home yesterday morning and our friends were still at our house partying just as much as they did when I left them. No sleep for them either! They don't need it. They wanted me to party along with them, but I said no and went straight to bed. Couldn't sleep though... Don't know why, but I have been so stressed lately that my body just shuts off; I can't do anything.
Anyway. Our friends have now turned in to 2 Dupree's ("you, me and Dupree"; someone who's overstaying a welcome) - they have been at our place all night and all morning, and now they are staying over becouse the one is too tired to drive them home. Ok, fair enough, rather them being safe, but it becomes too much when they are taking over our couch and the remote control and eating our food with the question "Is your bread fresh?" instead of "Do you mind if I have some toast?". Haha, whatever.

The rain has finally gone and today we had lovely sunshine again. And Thank God it's a new year.

a bit better

Ok, it feels a little bit better now when the music has died down and all... And I phoned Dan and he had only had a couple of glasses of wine, and that makes me feel a bit better aswell. He said that when we get back to London I can take a little vacation if I want.... :) Becouse I'm working now when I should really have vacation, and he's not. Cute offer, maybe I will take it up!

Now I'm busy looking for new friends in London for when I get back. I need girlfriends!! My only girlfriend in England is going to Russia and China for a year and all my other friends are guys... I miss having girlfriends, but I've always just gotten along so much better with guys.
But it's a new year and it's time to make some changes!