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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Screw the government

So, working my new job now then. So far so good. I just can't wait to learn about it all! I usually don't like the first week or two because I feel like I don't know anything... And I hate not knowing! But here I'll at least have the interest to learn fast! I just get a bit restless, sitting in front of the computer for so long...
Got a task from my boss yesterday, to find 200 of the best blogs in two certain fields, plus 10 possible investors. Only 20 blogs left and a few VC's...
And we're only four in the office! I quite like it. And they're all nice.
But I feel a bit bad for blogging at work... But surely it must be alright if I don't spend too much time on it and I finish my tasks in time...?

And so, yeah, spring has officially arrived to the UK! Lovely... But now they're talking about it coming too early and that it's our fault letting too much garbage out. So now they want to tax us on certain things, like extra air-tax and such. I say bullshit! Extra taxes on airfare and only allowed one holiday a year?! They're taking the piss, it's a money making thing for the government. The climate has always been changing, it's been getting warmer and warmer for forever, and I believe it's happening naturally.
Governments makes me so mad...

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