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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Worst NYE ever

Wow, worst new years ever. I'm fucken working! Stuck in the office when everybody else i out partying. It sucks! I can even hear the music from the streetpartys from up here... At least I could go out quickly to the balcony and take that picture of some fireworks from the Waterfront.
And Dan went to a party. I hate to say that I don't like him to go to a party, but without me on new years eve?! Allow me to be upset.
And I'm stuck up here until 7 in the morning, trying to listen to the radio but can't hear anything else but the numnut's opera on his extremely loud headsets! AND he's singing along! Try to imagine how that sounds.
This sucks big time.... Feeling very sorry for myself right now...

And my friends wanna be nice and says that tomorrow we should have a brai (bbq) for lunch so that I can get to celebrate a bit with them. But hey! I'm working til 7, do you really think I will be up for celebrating then?!
God I wanna cry and dissappear from the world until February 10th. Or Feb 11th even so I don't have to remember the flight between Johannesburg and London..

Damn, I'm trying to find some NY-celebrations live online, but can't find any! Useless.

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Okey so Saddam is dead now then? Hanged even! Wow.... Got mixed feelings about it, I do think he got what he deserves but at the same time I don't think it was quite right to kill him. Isn't this going to make him a martyr??
But my life is far too overfilled with other things for me to think about fucken Saddam Hussein! So enough about that bastard.

We've got friends over from England that we met up with last night. Suffering for it today though.... I just can't handle that much alcohol anymore. I blame the altitude. I can barely remember having sex!
Still trying to figure out what to do for NY eve... Might have to work, but NY is overrated anyway. Don't think I'll mind sitting in the office this year at midnight, have had way too many NY dissappointments. But to work would be another one aswell I suppose...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Next years x-mas wish

(Arvid and I cuddeling in the couch...)

Fuck I'm so bored, don't know if that's why I have a stomach ache at the moment. It's just not what I'm used to at all; not having anything to do. There is absolutely nothing going on here in Cape Town! And it's driving me mad! Maybe it could have something to do with not having any money aswell, becouse if we did we could at least go out for dinners and such once in a while.

X-mas was good though. We spent the day out in the sun and went for a swim in the sea. And all of the sudden it was busy busy on the beach - it was filled with black people and 2 whites! Where did they come from..?
Then we went home and mr.D cooked the xmas-dinner with chicken and potatoes, we ate heaps of chocolate and then we opened the presents which we had wrapped in old plastic bags! It litteraly looked like garbage! But the gifts were funny and the best xmas-gift this year was from my youngest brother Arvid, it was a candlestick that he had made himself! He's 11 and I love him....

But my family is leaving tonight, going back to Sweden... So sad. I got really used to them living in the house. I wish they lived closer to me.
Next x-mas I wish my mom could come over to London, and Dan's parents, and we could all celebrate together with other friends who's families and not around. That's my christmas wish for next year.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

100% computer nerd

Wooo, the shift went so quickly today! Maybe becouse I found yet another site that I could become member in, It's a site that allowes you to see where your friends, and other people for that matter, are in the world right now. I signed up and discovered that a few of my very missed friends are members too! So I sent them some messages and I took ages on making my homepage really pretty (maybe I should become a web designer??).
Now I'm a member and signed up to pretty much every single web page there is! I realised it the other day; I've got a hotmail and a yahoo account, a membership with a Swedish communtiy, this new thing Wayn, I've got 3 blogs here on (and a couple of other ones that I've never used), I'm signed up with a few property agencies in London, plus I'm running another online diary on another Swedish site, and I'm sure there are more but I'm probably not using them so I can't remember them....
I've got waaay too much time to kill..

Today's Christmas Eve and I should be home celebrating with my family but I'm at work. Celebrating tomorrow instead.
Today we spent the whole day on the beach which is nicer anyway so I'm not sad.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Fait and the nothingness

Don't really know what's going on in my head today... Not much I don't hink. Mostly just thinking of London, but that gets old aswell. I'm tired of looking for flats now, besides, it's probably too early.
I think maybe my brain is fired from all the stress and worries. I'm at a stage where nothing seems to matter anymore, or at least I can't seem to make it matter right now. It's all backwards.

We are selling the car. Had to lower the asking price becouse we got no response to 20,000. R17,900 which we changed it to now, was the asking price when we bought it two months ago, and now we've put on new tires. But we've got a dilemma - we have to sell the car in order to be able to afford D's planeticket, but when we sell it we have no way of getting around as there are no busses or cabs or anything, then how will I get to work for the rest of January?!

Now I'm relying on fait to work it out for me, somehow it has always worked in my favour...

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Have you ever been in that situation where you have absolutely no money? I have, and I am right now.
Once in London, me and my boyfriend went off the bus in Shepherds Bush after a big clubing session, we were ment to meet a friend in The Walkabout and continue drinking.
So we went to the ATM to take out some cash and see the balance. I was relying on him to pay couse I was completely broke, not a cent to my name. He couldn't withdraw any money though becouse there were only 8 pounds left on his card.... Wtf were we gonna do then? We couln't get into The Walkie becouse there was a cover charge, damn. And if we took the bus home we wouldn't be able to afford food. What was more important to us at that stage? I can't remember exactly, but it did cross our mind to go buy beers for it.
We walked home.

Come to think of it, I hardly ever had any money in London, at least not for the first 6 months before I left the first time. I was always late for rent and whenever I made some money at work (commision based) I would go out and spend it on beers, cigarettes and nightclubs.
And all you would find in my tiny little fridge would be bread and taramasalata. I just didn't eat, it didn't feel like that important.
But somehow I would always manage. I think it was thanks to my job which allowed me to make cash every day. If I worked hard....

Now we find ourselfs in this tight situation once again, but this time it's really scary. There are no commision based jobs down here in S.A. (at least not that we know of) and so I am working a "normal job" where I get paid monthly. But the first month is always gonna be hard, right? I am working my ass off but I haven't gotten paid yet and we have zero money left. Nothing. Maybe 20 cents. Luckily my mom is here and we can get some money of her, but I hate asking her for money, I'm not a child anymore.
I do get my first paycheck tomorrow, but it will be for 4000 rand, I think, and our rent is 3500 and needs to be paid 1st of January, and I don't get paid again until the 30th of January. 500 rand to last us for a month and a half? Don't think so! Espesially when we need to change my planeticket (1400) and buy Daniel's planeticket (X-thousand). When we sell the car and I get my Jan-paycheck we'll have money, but what do we do now? "Call a friend." Sure, but oh how bad that is...

We're on the border line to homeless, Dan is even growing the beard and hair for it, he said it himself; he looks the part. This is scary...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No, it's illigal

Oups, I am gonna forget to leave the country in time it seems... My visa expires the 14th of January, but it's too late to apply for an extention so I will just stay a little longer anyway. Just a month. If even. I have to wait for Daniel.
I wonder what they will do to me..? If anything. If you're unlucky they might turn around and say "you are not welcome back in to this country again for X years", or they might just shake their head and not say anything. It wouldn't surprise me if they wouldn't look at all. But to be honest, I don't know if I would be all that sad if I wasn't aloud back in the country for a while....

Bet hey, after all I am only a Swedish young girl overstaying a tourist visa for just 3 weeks! Why would they wanna make a fuss about it?
I'm gonna do something illigal!! Woooo

Monday, December 18, 2006

New hobby!

I've got myself a new hobby - to read sexblogs! Haha, they are fucken hillarious. The Swedish ones; everything becomes so much funnier in Swedish!
But I don't dare to write some myself, I'm not quite sure who actually reads this blog... Could be family for heavens sake! All I can say is that it's pretty satisfying, hhe...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Penguins & baboons

We got our visa!!! Have you ever cried from being so incredibly happy? I did then, when Dan showed me his visa in his passport. And my name is now in his passport, so I guess we are practicly married!?

So now we're planning our return to London. So much to do... But it's the last push, then I don't want to move around anymore. London is going to be permanently this time. Work, studies, own place and saving money.
Browsing Gumtree just now for 2-bedroom flats in London and I found some great ones! Beautiful places in central London for absolutely nothing! Don't know how but I'm liking it.

So am I happy to leave South Africa now then? Yes, I suppose so. Only yesterday I realised how nice it actually is when we took a trip to the other side of Cape Town where the warm water is (Indian ocean). We drove along the coast down to the most southern tip of Africa, "Cape of good hope". You're supposed to be able to see where the two oceans meet, but we didn't see anything unusual... We did, however, see baboons! They are so scary couse they are so dangerous, but they were jumping around the tourists as if they were pets!
Then we went and saw penguins! Small penguins, cute as fuck. We got in to beach for free and even started swimming with them! And for once our feet and legs didn't freeze blue this time as they do on the Atlantic side.

My mom left me my digital camera this time so finally I can upload my own pics! The photo on top is me and my darling kissing on the most southern place in Africa! With just ocean surrounding us. How romantic........

Thursday, December 14, 2006

South Africa to lose FIFA?

What is this? Have my friends desserted me? I have been gone from the computer for 3 days and so I expected to have a thousand of emails today! But I only had 1 and it was from a dataservice place with an answer I had asked! Are my friends forgetting about me now when I'm not around anymore...? Or have they gone and made new and better friends?
Just becouse I'm far away it doesn't mean I have forgotten about you guys at home, I still love you and miss you heaps!

So my brother Albin brought down a stomach bug from Sweden. Then August got it and then Daniel... Now it's only me, mom and Arvid left. I woke up yesterday and thought I was sick too, but felt better as the day progressed. And becouse the family is here I have to perform, can't just leave them at home for them to entertain them selfs. And in this country you gotta have a car to get around as the public transports aren't working.
I thought they were gonna get better now since South Africa is hosting the World Cup 2010. And they were making some changes but now they might not have to as they might lose the contract becouse they are falling so much behind in the building of the football stadium in Cape Town. That would be so embarrasing for them... But they had it coming! They got it thanks to a great guy who knew what he was doing and convinced Fifa that they could do it, then a month after they got it they fired him and replaced him with some stupid twat who has no idea of what's going on! Obvioulsy it was bound to fail then.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Finished spraying in Båstad

Read something rather stupid on Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet's webpage today. They have just descided that now you can't waste good champagne in nighclubs in Båstad. Young, rich kids buy the champagne for 17000 SEK (about £1300) and spray it over eachother, wich from now on is going to be forbidden. What is this?! Why the hell aren't they aloud to do that? Most of that money comes back in tax anyway. Plus who are they to descide a thing like that?

Per Martin Boklund, in Båstad Kommun, thinks that it's good with even more rules and regelations of the alcoholintake in Sweden.
" - But then it's also about having some control over the establishment. I don't think that to spray a bottle of alcohol standing on a table, is order."

Pfffff..... Fucken swedes and their rules

Monday, December 11, 2006


I'm sitting on my second nightshift in a row, got another one tomorrow. This is killing me.

I have been thinking a lot of what to write on this blog and what makes peoples blogs interresting enough for strangers to read. Anyone has an answer?
Today I'm just gonna write about celebrities. They amuse me.

You know I used to go to nightclubs pretty much every single night when I lived in London. I even worked in them. Met many celebreties there as it was only in the top clubs in the West-end. Got some funny stories!

  • Paris Hilton was soooo drunk on one of her endless escapades in Boujis. She was running around chatting to people and stumbled around n the dancefloor.
  • Lindsay Lohan was so skinny you were afraid to breathe
  • One of Englands Princes (William or Harry, can't remember) was so pissed he fell down the stairs in Boujis. He didn't come back for a while after that...
  • Supermodel Lily Cole was so stoned she couldn't wipe off her grin and was unable to speak.
  • Kelly Brook was in Boujis (without fiance Billy Zane) and later on went home with two friends, a movie director and his wife (he was a friend of mine so he filled me in on this), and they got fucked on coke and romped with the wife as he was watching!
  • In Pangea I met Jason Streatham who was so cool! I had no idea who he was at first so we just messed around sticking out our toungues to eachother, haha.
  • I sat next to supermodel Eva Herzigova and she was the most boring person...
  • Owen Wilson was running around in Boujis and even though I've heard he has a thing for Scandinavian blondes (me), he went for my colored, very beautiful friend, Jade. He was very drunk and people just wouldn't leave him alone and kept buying drinks for him and so on. A security guy had to see to that he was left alone by fellow clubbers. Jade didn't leave with him.

Ok, time for my morning porrige!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The truth about Africa

Ok, first of all, it does rain in this country. Today is a misserable, grey day. At least it's not that cold. This coldfront has just moved in over the south coast in South Africa. It will last for a few days I suppose. Typical now when mom is coming with my brothers tonight... First time here and rain is what they'r gonna get.

Second of all, last night me and Dan were sitting in front of the tv (as usual..) and we realised that tv in this country has gone to shit! He sais it has changed a lot the past 2 years. They used to air good shows, usually American, and now it's only news, news and more news! And in between, the normal, local soap. (Which are shit too btw.) And the news doesn't even show the important stuff that people need, and want, to know, but only South African township news. Nothing interresting. In the end they will go over to the international part, but only for 2 minutes and it's usually about the situation in Iraq.

This country has become close to a communist country and it worries me. And they have reversed rasism; now the whites have difficulty findind jobs! The order it used to be in were "white man, white woman, black woman, black man and indian" if you were applying for work, now it's "black woman, black man, indian, white woman, white man". And so on tv you notice it espessially - they are all black, they barely speak english and they have no idea what they are doing. Now, don't get me wrong, I am d e f i n a t e l y not a rasist! Never have and never will. It is just so... different. To what I'm used to and what I think is right. It just needs to be more equal.

I was so excited to come here and I've met so many great S.A. people! But I must admit, I am a bit dissappointed.... It is just not a place for me I suppose. I need to leave and I will take Dan with me and make him European. He also sais he doesn't recognise his country anymore, that it has changed a lot and that he doesn't really like the changes it is making.

Yesterday my collegue came in and told us she was robbed yesterday. The others didn't really seem very surprised, there is so much of that happening. And every time we are driving to work Dan tells me I have to lock the cardoor as we are driving, as someone might try to hijack the car. And he wont let me go to the beach at night becouse there could be dangerous bums hanging out there. Plus he can't sleep at night becouse he worries that someone might brake in the house or steal the car. This is something you just have to get used to when you live here. But that's not anything I want to get used to! That's not a way to live!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Night thoughts

Working my first nightshift and I don't know how to cope. Not feeling very well, a bit sick from not sleeping. Don't even know if I will be able to sleep when I finally get home at 7....
So now I'm just sitting here, bored out of my mind!! The french guys are sleeping in their chairs (so much for working). One is playing Celine Dion.
Haven't eaten all night, but I guess you don't really get hungry at night. It is after all just after 5am.

So I was thinking I was just going to write a bit of night thoughts, you know, thoughts that just pop up when you are doing an all nighter. Might get a bit boring and so on so I wouldn't be upset if you don't really find it meaningful to read.....

Our visa is getting prosponed for a few months I suppose. Dan is getting sent to heaps of good auditions and don't want to leave before he can at least put one up on his CV. Will look good when he gets back to London then. But we are definately going! I will not stay here, South Africa is not really for me. It doesn't excite me. I need life and big city stress and adventures! Feel like I will only get that in London, in just the way I want it.

We moved in to our new place, Dan and I, and it's so nice to finally live by ourselfs! Noone to interrupt us when we are watching tv (or having sex!). And we can be as messy and loud as we please. But it's boring too... There is absolutely fuckall to do and it reminds me way to much of the place I left 3 years ago - Tranås. The only difference is the fact hat we have Cape Town around the corner if we want it, but there is not really anything there eighter...

I want Dan to come and pick me up now.... You know, he is the best guy a girl could ever get. He's the type of guy who wants to cuddle after meaningful, loving sex; and the type who hates to see me work so he does all the washing, cooking, cleaning and so on. He would do anything for me. He DOES anything for me! I love him, and I want kids with him one day, and I want him to marry me; I would be proud to be the mother of his kids, and to be his wife. (Maybe I should say this to him..?) He takes care of me and I feel completely safe in his arms.

My color from the sun is fading already... Maybe it's a good thing, you know, maybe that's a sign of my body healing quickly! But I need to get out there again, out to the sun. It's just that it hasn't been great weather... And it's so windy out where we live. Blouberg.

I wanna sleeeeeeeeep.....! It's getting light outside now. 1 and a half hours left. I'm gonna make Dan put me to sleep. I'm gonna whine a little and half-cry and make him hold me. Then he's going to an audition for a new horror-movie with the same guy from "the Descent".
I just realised this going-through-the-night-thing reminds me a lot of a few of my nightmare stories with airports; times when I've had to wait a whole night for a connecting flight, like the one time I waited 10 hours from midnight in Las Vegas. And I wasn't even old enough to leave the airport to go gamble in a funky casino! Pfff, unlucky.

Right, gotta get out of this shit. You probably didn't make it all the way through the text down to here anyway, so why do I even bother?
Good night / Good morning. Whatever.