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Sunday, December 24, 2006

100% computer nerd

Wooo, the shift went so quickly today! Maybe becouse I found yet another site that I could become member in, It's a site that allowes you to see where your friends, and other people for that matter, are in the world right now. I signed up and discovered that a few of my very missed friends are members too! So I sent them some messages and I took ages on making my homepage really pretty (maybe I should become a web designer??).
Now I'm a member and signed up to pretty much every single web page there is! I realised it the other day; I've got a hotmail and a yahoo account, a membership with a Swedish communtiy, this new thing Wayn, I've got 3 blogs here on (and a couple of other ones that I've never used), I'm signed up with a few property agencies in London, plus I'm running another online diary on another Swedish site, and I'm sure there are more but I'm probably not using them so I can't remember them....
I've got waaay too much time to kill..

Today's Christmas Eve and I should be home celebrating with my family but I'm at work. Celebrating tomorrow instead.
Today we spent the whole day on the beach which is nicer anyway so I'm not sad.

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