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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No, it's illigal

Oups, I am gonna forget to leave the country in time it seems... My visa expires the 14th of January, but it's too late to apply for an extention so I will just stay a little longer anyway. Just a month. If even. I have to wait for Daniel.
I wonder what they will do to me..? If anything. If you're unlucky they might turn around and say "you are not welcome back in to this country again for X years", or they might just shake their head and not say anything. It wouldn't surprise me if they wouldn't look at all. But to be honest, I don't know if I would be all that sad if I wasn't aloud back in the country for a while....

Bet hey, after all I am only a Swedish young girl overstaying a tourist visa for just 3 weeks! Why would they wanna make a fuss about it?
I'm gonna do something illigal!! Woooo


blackscribe said...

Shelly, saw your comment on my blog, splashingthepot, so I had to find out, "Who is this person?" Are you really a poker manager at Prima? How does that work? Anyway, nice blog. Sounds like you are enjoying your travels.

Shelly said...

hey, yes im one of the pkr mgrs! no.137. we basically just sit and watch you guys so that you are behaving.