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Monday, December 11, 2006


I'm sitting on my second nightshift in a row, got another one tomorrow. This is killing me.

I have been thinking a lot of what to write on this blog and what makes peoples blogs interresting enough for strangers to read. Anyone has an answer?
Today I'm just gonna write about celebrities. They amuse me.

You know I used to go to nightclubs pretty much every single night when I lived in London. I even worked in them. Met many celebreties there as it was only in the top clubs in the West-end. Got some funny stories!

  • Paris Hilton was soooo drunk on one of her endless escapades in Boujis. She was running around chatting to people and stumbled around n the dancefloor.
  • Lindsay Lohan was so skinny you were afraid to breathe
  • One of Englands Princes (William or Harry, can't remember) was so pissed he fell down the stairs in Boujis. He didn't come back for a while after that...
  • Supermodel Lily Cole was so stoned she couldn't wipe off her grin and was unable to speak.
  • Kelly Brook was in Boujis (without fiance Billy Zane) and later on went home with two friends, a movie director and his wife (he was a friend of mine so he filled me in on this), and they got fucked on coke and romped with the wife as he was watching!
  • In Pangea I met Jason Streatham who was so cool! I had no idea who he was at first so we just messed around sticking out our toungues to eachother, haha.
  • I sat next to supermodel Eva Herzigova and she was the most boring person...
  • Owen Wilson was running around in Boujis and even though I've heard he has a thing for Scandinavian blondes (me), he went for my colored, very beautiful friend, Jade. He was very drunk and people just wouldn't leave him alone and kept buying drinks for him and so on. A security guy had to see to that he was left alone by fellow clubbers. Jade didn't leave with him.

Ok, time for my morning porrige!

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Sunny Gecko said...

I think other peoples blog become interesting when you can relate more or less to what they have written. Maybe im wrong....