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Monday, December 04, 2006

Night thoughts

Working my first nightshift and I don't know how to cope. Not feeling very well, a bit sick from not sleeping. Don't even know if I will be able to sleep when I finally get home at 7....
So now I'm just sitting here, bored out of my mind!! The french guys are sleeping in their chairs (so much for working). One is playing Celine Dion.
Haven't eaten all night, but I guess you don't really get hungry at night. It is after all just after 5am.

So I was thinking I was just going to write a bit of night thoughts, you know, thoughts that just pop up when you are doing an all nighter. Might get a bit boring and so on so I wouldn't be upset if you don't really find it meaningful to read.....

Our visa is getting prosponed for a few months I suppose. Dan is getting sent to heaps of good auditions and don't want to leave before he can at least put one up on his CV. Will look good when he gets back to London then. But we are definately going! I will not stay here, South Africa is not really for me. It doesn't excite me. I need life and big city stress and adventures! Feel like I will only get that in London, in just the way I want it.

We moved in to our new place, Dan and I, and it's so nice to finally live by ourselfs! Noone to interrupt us when we are watching tv (or having sex!). And we can be as messy and loud as we please. But it's boring too... There is absolutely fuckall to do and it reminds me way to much of the place I left 3 years ago - Tranås. The only difference is the fact hat we have Cape Town around the corner if we want it, but there is not really anything there eighter...

I want Dan to come and pick me up now.... You know, he is the best guy a girl could ever get. He's the type of guy who wants to cuddle after meaningful, loving sex; and the type who hates to see me work so he does all the washing, cooking, cleaning and so on. He would do anything for me. He DOES anything for me! I love him, and I want kids with him one day, and I want him to marry me; I would be proud to be the mother of his kids, and to be his wife. (Maybe I should say this to him..?) He takes care of me and I feel completely safe in his arms.

My color from the sun is fading already... Maybe it's a good thing, you know, maybe that's a sign of my body healing quickly! But I need to get out there again, out to the sun. It's just that it hasn't been great weather... And it's so windy out where we live. Blouberg.

I wanna sleeeeeeeeep.....! It's getting light outside now. 1 and a half hours left. I'm gonna make Dan put me to sleep. I'm gonna whine a little and half-cry and make him hold me. Then he's going to an audition for a new horror-movie with the same guy from "the Descent".
I just realised this going-through-the-night-thing reminds me a lot of a few of my nightmare stories with airports; times when I've had to wait a whole night for a connecting flight, like the one time I waited 10 hours from midnight in Las Vegas. And I wasn't even old enough to leave the airport to go gamble in a funky casino! Pfff, unlucky.

Right, gotta get out of this shit. You probably didn't make it all the way through the text down to here anyway, so why do I even bother?
Good night / Good morning. Whatever.

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