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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Fait and the nothingness

Don't really know what's going on in my head today... Not much I don't hink. Mostly just thinking of London, but that gets old aswell. I'm tired of looking for flats now, besides, it's probably too early.
I think maybe my brain is fired from all the stress and worries. I'm at a stage where nothing seems to matter anymore, or at least I can't seem to make it matter right now. It's all backwards.

We are selling the car. Had to lower the asking price becouse we got no response to 20,000. R17,900 which we changed it to now, was the asking price when we bought it two months ago, and now we've put on new tires. But we've got a dilemma - we have to sell the car in order to be able to afford D's planeticket, but when we sell it we have no way of getting around as there are no busses or cabs or anything, then how will I get to work for the rest of January?!

Now I'm relying on fait to work it out for me, somehow it has always worked in my favour...

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