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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Penguins & baboons

We got our visa!!! Have you ever cried from being so incredibly happy? I did then, when Dan showed me his visa in his passport. And my name is now in his passport, so I guess we are practicly married!?

So now we're planning our return to London. So much to do... But it's the last push, then I don't want to move around anymore. London is going to be permanently this time. Work, studies, own place and saving money.
Browsing Gumtree just now for 2-bedroom flats in London and I found some great ones! Beautiful places in central London for absolutely nothing! Don't know how but I'm liking it.

So am I happy to leave South Africa now then? Yes, I suppose so. Only yesterday I realised how nice it actually is when we took a trip to the other side of Cape Town where the warm water is (Indian ocean). We drove along the coast down to the most southern tip of Africa, "Cape of good hope". You're supposed to be able to see where the two oceans meet, but we didn't see anything unusual... We did, however, see baboons! They are so scary couse they are so dangerous, but they were jumping around the tourists as if they were pets!
Then we went and saw penguins! Small penguins, cute as fuck. We got in to beach for free and even started swimming with them! And for once our feet and legs didn't freeze blue this time as they do on the Atlantic side.

My mom left me my digital camera this time so finally I can upload my own pics! The photo on top is me and my darling kissing on the most southern place in Africa! With just ocean surrounding us. How romantic........

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