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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Worst NYE ever

Wow, worst new years ever. I'm fucken working! Stuck in the office when everybody else i out partying. It sucks! I can even hear the music from the streetpartys from up here... At least I could go out quickly to the balcony and take that picture of some fireworks from the Waterfront.
And Dan went to a party. I hate to say that I don't like him to go to a party, but without me on new years eve?! Allow me to be upset.
And I'm stuck up here until 7 in the morning, trying to listen to the radio but can't hear anything else but the numnut's opera on his extremely loud headsets! AND he's singing along! Try to imagine how that sounds.
This sucks big time.... Feeling very sorry for myself right now...

And my friends wanna be nice and says that tomorrow we should have a brai (bbq) for lunch so that I can get to celebrate a bit with them. But hey! I'm working til 7, do you really think I will be up for celebrating then?!
God I wanna cry and dissappear from the world until February 10th. Or Feb 11th even so I don't have to remember the flight between Johannesburg and London..

Damn, I'm trying to find some NY-celebrations live online, but can't find any! Useless.

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