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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Next years x-mas wish

(Arvid and I cuddeling in the couch...)

Fuck I'm so bored, don't know if that's why I have a stomach ache at the moment. It's just not what I'm used to at all; not having anything to do. There is absolutely nothing going on here in Cape Town! And it's driving me mad! Maybe it could have something to do with not having any money aswell, becouse if we did we could at least go out for dinners and such once in a while.

X-mas was good though. We spent the day out in the sun and went for a swim in the sea. And all of the sudden it was busy busy on the beach - it was filled with black people and 2 whites! Where did they come from..?
Then we went home and mr.D cooked the xmas-dinner with chicken and potatoes, we ate heaps of chocolate and then we opened the presents which we had wrapped in old plastic bags! It litteraly looked like garbage! But the gifts were funny and the best xmas-gift this year was from my youngest brother Arvid, it was a candlestick that he had made himself! He's 11 and I love him....

But my family is leaving tonight, going back to Sweden... So sad. I got really used to them living in the house. I wish they lived closer to me.
Next x-mas I wish my mom could come over to London, and Dan's parents, and we could all celebrate together with other friends who's families and not around. That's my christmas wish for next year.

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