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Thursday, December 21, 2006


Have you ever been in that situation where you have absolutely no money? I have, and I am right now.
Once in London, me and my boyfriend went off the bus in Shepherds Bush after a big clubing session, we were ment to meet a friend in The Walkabout and continue drinking.
So we went to the ATM to take out some cash and see the balance. I was relying on him to pay couse I was completely broke, not a cent to my name. He couldn't withdraw any money though becouse there were only 8 pounds left on his card.... Wtf were we gonna do then? We couln't get into The Walkie becouse there was a cover charge, damn. And if we took the bus home we wouldn't be able to afford food. What was more important to us at that stage? I can't remember exactly, but it did cross our mind to go buy beers for it.
We walked home.

Come to think of it, I hardly ever had any money in London, at least not for the first 6 months before I left the first time. I was always late for rent and whenever I made some money at work (commision based) I would go out and spend it on beers, cigarettes and nightclubs.
And all you would find in my tiny little fridge would be bread and taramasalata. I just didn't eat, it didn't feel like that important.
But somehow I would always manage. I think it was thanks to my job which allowed me to make cash every day. If I worked hard....

Now we find ourselfs in this tight situation once again, but this time it's really scary. There are no commision based jobs down here in S.A. (at least not that we know of) and so I am working a "normal job" where I get paid monthly. But the first month is always gonna be hard, right? I am working my ass off but I haven't gotten paid yet and we have zero money left. Nothing. Maybe 20 cents. Luckily my mom is here and we can get some money of her, but I hate asking her for money, I'm not a child anymore.
I do get my first paycheck tomorrow, but it will be for 4000 rand, I think, and our rent is 3500 and needs to be paid 1st of January, and I don't get paid again until the 30th of January. 500 rand to last us for a month and a half? Don't think so! Espesially when we need to change my planeticket (1400) and buy Daniel's planeticket (X-thousand). When we sell the car and I get my Jan-paycheck we'll have money, but what do we do now? "Call a friend." Sure, but oh how bad that is...

We're on the border line to homeless, Dan is even growing the beard and hair for it, he said it himself; he looks the part. This is scary...

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blackscribe said...

Yeah, Shelly, I can identify. I did the broke thing when I was in college. It was actually kinda fun and liberating, but I always had the safety net of my mother if things got really bad.

She's gone now, and I have little ones to think about, so I have to play the part of the adult. Money's tight now but, thank God, I am rarely totally broke.

I hope everything works out for you.