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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The truth about Africa

Ok, first of all, it does rain in this country. Today is a misserable, grey day. At least it's not that cold. This coldfront has just moved in over the south coast in South Africa. It will last for a few days I suppose. Typical now when mom is coming with my brothers tonight... First time here and rain is what they'r gonna get.

Second of all, last night me and Dan were sitting in front of the tv (as usual..) and we realised that tv in this country has gone to shit! He sais it has changed a lot the past 2 years. They used to air good shows, usually American, and now it's only news, news and more news! And in between, the normal, local soap. (Which are shit too btw.) And the news doesn't even show the important stuff that people need, and want, to know, but only South African township news. Nothing interresting. In the end they will go over to the international part, but only for 2 minutes and it's usually about the situation in Iraq.

This country has become close to a communist country and it worries me. And they have reversed rasism; now the whites have difficulty findind jobs! The order it used to be in were "white man, white woman, black woman, black man and indian" if you were applying for work, now it's "black woman, black man, indian, white woman, white man". And so on tv you notice it espessially - they are all black, they barely speak english and they have no idea what they are doing. Now, don't get me wrong, I am d e f i n a t e l y not a rasist! Never have and never will. It is just so... different. To what I'm used to and what I think is right. It just needs to be more equal.

I was so excited to come here and I've met so many great S.A. people! But I must admit, I am a bit dissappointed.... It is just not a place for me I suppose. I need to leave and I will take Dan with me and make him European. He also sais he doesn't recognise his country anymore, that it has changed a lot and that he doesn't really like the changes it is making.

Yesterday my collegue came in and told us she was robbed yesterday. The others didn't really seem very surprised, there is so much of that happening. And every time we are driving to work Dan tells me I have to lock the cardoor as we are driving, as someone might try to hijack the car. And he wont let me go to the beach at night becouse there could be dangerous bums hanging out there. Plus he can't sleep at night becouse he worries that someone might brake in the house or steal the car. This is something you just have to get used to when you live here. But that's not anything I want to get used to! That's not a way to live!

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SaM-GiRL said...

Hiya. read your blog...Im a South-African, and i hafta agree that as a country we aint doing that great... where in South Africa are you at?