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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Finished spraying in Båstad

Read something rather stupid on Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet's webpage today. They have just descided that now you can't waste good champagne in nighclubs in Båstad. Young, rich kids buy the champagne for 17000 SEK (about £1300) and spray it over eachother, wich from now on is going to be forbidden. What is this?! Why the hell aren't they aloud to do that? Most of that money comes back in tax anyway. Plus who are they to descide a thing like that?

Per Martin Boklund, in Båstad Kommun, thinks that it's good with even more rules and regelations of the alcoholintake in Sweden.
" - But then it's also about having some control over the establishment. I don't think that to spray a bottle of alcohol standing on a table, is order."

Pfffff..... Fucken swedes and their rules

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