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Thursday, December 14, 2006

South Africa to lose FIFA?

What is this? Have my friends desserted me? I have been gone from the computer for 3 days and so I expected to have a thousand of emails today! But I only had 1 and it was from a dataservice place with an answer I had asked! Are my friends forgetting about me now when I'm not around anymore...? Or have they gone and made new and better friends?
Just becouse I'm far away it doesn't mean I have forgotten about you guys at home, I still love you and miss you heaps!

So my brother Albin brought down a stomach bug from Sweden. Then August got it and then Daniel... Now it's only me, mom and Arvid left. I woke up yesterday and thought I was sick too, but felt better as the day progressed. And becouse the family is here I have to perform, can't just leave them at home for them to entertain them selfs. And in this country you gotta have a car to get around as the public transports aren't working.
I thought they were gonna get better now since South Africa is hosting the World Cup 2010. And they were making some changes but now they might not have to as they might lose the contract becouse they are falling so much behind in the building of the football stadium in Cape Town. That would be so embarrasing for them... But they had it coming! They got it thanks to a great guy who knew what he was doing and convinced Fifa that they could do it, then a month after they got it they fired him and replaced him with some stupid twat who has no idea of what's going on! Obvioulsy it was bound to fail then.

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Anna said...

Hehe, SA låter kul! Men lite julstämning kan ni väl fixa?? :-)