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Sunday, January 14, 2007

America's the new terrorists

Blah, work is just pissing me off lately, peple just won't shut up and they behave like kids. And kids are not allowed to gamble online so clearly they are all grown ups. I wish I could turn off all their chats.

This morning on the news they were going over to "the American terror" and that is really what it has become. America is the new terrorists and Bush is the dictator. Now I think it's our responsibility to stop them, instead we are just watching, wondering what will happen next. Just becouse America is a great power, doesn't mean that they can do whatever they want and make their own decisions about what's right and what's wrong.

I've fallen in love all over again, with the same man, for the 30th time. It's wonderful and I love him and I can't see myself with anybody else. I watched a clip of Sienna Miller and Jude Law before and it struck me how much me and D look like them! Except, obviously we are not them, so our lovestory will hopefully not end the same way...

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