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Friday, January 19, 2007

a wasted day

"It's a sin to be tired." /Kate Moss
And sure it is, becouse then you will be considered boring. And I've been tired constantly rescently... I want to feel normal again and have energy during the days! But becouse I'm always tired I never want to do anything and I become very tired and unhappy.
Tonight is my last night shift though, maybe that will help things. But then when I get back to London I will do it again... At least then I don't have to stay up all night, just till 3am.

Today I got a warning at work. I hate that, I feel so embarrased... I like to be good at what I do and I hate it when I make mistakes. I had said something to a player that I wasn't aloud to speak about, but in my defence, I didn't know about it.

Today I didn't do anything. Becouse I worked night last night aswell, I slept till 4pm, then D woke me up and I went with him to pick up the bloody Germans. Then I pretty much went back to sleep, and then back to work. What a waste of a day...

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