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Thursday, January 11, 2007

the Young Vic

Ok, enough Gumtree browsing for one night. But found quite a few ads for places that sounded really good. But I also found a warning posted by someone warning about certain agencies. I was planning on joining one once back, but now I might not then...

Poor Dan, I woke him up this morning at 3am becouse he had gotten an email from some guy who wanted to see him about a play. But when I read out the email D said "But that's in London", shit yeah, the Vic is in London. Shame, he couldn't go to that one then...

Now the sun is rising again, it's beautiful. One hour left at work but that's always the longest hour. And, yeeey, we've got the flat by ourselfs this weekend! The Germans went up to Kreuger Park to get us a pet lion!

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