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Saturday, January 20, 2007

punch me

I realised today that I've been acting really silly lately. But I get like this when I'm not happy, every little thing I blow up, and I start creating problems in my head. We are very unhappy with our situation and in South Africa at the moment, D and I, and becouse we only have eachother right now, we become eachother's punchbags. He said to me today that I never smile anymore, all I do is sleep and work. It's so true, but I rather waste a few extra hours sleeping, than wasting them in front of some stupid show on tv. We are even bored with the beach, we hardly ever go there anymore.
But we are leaving soon, and that's why we don't deal with things and try and make it better. That's why we haven't made any friends here, and that's why we don't have any money.
Sometimes I wonder how things would have been if D didn't get his visa... We would have stayed here permanently and then would things be different? I think I would have gone mad if we stayed...

I read that Hillary Clinton is running for president. I like her, and I liked Bill. She would make an awesome president, I'm sure!
I also read that Hugh Heffner wants to be a dad again. With one of the 3 playbunnies from the show on Mtv! I must admit I watched that show from time to time and I find it quite funny. This girl is also my favourite one of the three!
Then I saw an atricle about this guy who had lost 4 kilo's by playing tv games for just 30 minutes a day. I find that hard to believe. It would probably be becouse of something else - maybe he didn't eat?

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