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Monday, January 01, 2007


Kate Moss is presumably getting married today in Thailand. Good for her. But I wanna see her ring! And her dress! And her hair.... Apparently it's gonna be a bohemian beach-wedding. How lovely..

I haven't slept that much today and here I am once again on a nightshift, so no slep tonight again.... I got home yesterday morning and our friends were still at our house partying just as much as they did when I left them. No sleep for them either! They don't need it. They wanted me to party along with them, but I said no and went straight to bed. Couldn't sleep though... Don't know why, but I have been so stressed lately that my body just shuts off; I can't do anything.
Anyway. Our friends have now turned in to 2 Dupree's ("you, me and Dupree"; someone who's overstaying a welcome) - they have been at our place all night and all morning, and now they are staying over becouse the one is too tired to drive them home. Ok, fair enough, rather them being safe, but it becomes too much when they are taking over our couch and the remote control and eating our food with the question "Is your bread fresh?" instead of "Do you mind if I have some toast?". Haha, whatever.

The rain has finally gone and today we had lovely sunshine again. And Thank God it's a new year.

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