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Saturday, January 06, 2007


How good is YouTube?!
Brilliant... I just discovered it now. I mean, I've heard about it before, people braging about it, but I had never watched it. And now, finally, I found fotage of the fireworks in London on new years eve, and Faithless new song (my new favourite) "bombs". I'm definitely buying his new cd as soon as I can afford it!

so much heaven so much hell so much love so much pain so much more than i thought that this world could ever contain

This morning when D was driving me in to work, we stopped at a red-light in this dodgy area and this black dude was crossing the street. When the green-light came on, D said to me that he had been a bit wary of this guy and had prepaired to accellerate off quickly just in case. Then I wanted to say to him, but stopped myself, that I don't wanna live in a country where you have to lock your cardoor when your driving so that noone can try and hijack you, and where you don't have to stop at a red-light at night if it looks unsafe, and where you worry ever time you're on the road that someone might run right in to you, and where you can't leave anything outside your house at night (tables, chairs a.s.o) becouse someone will probably steal it.
I wanna live in a safe place where I don't have to be scared to walk on my own or have to worry about other people trying to do me harm in any way.
Sure, London might not be thought of as the safest place on earth, but I can honestly say that I have never felt scared or intiminated there ever. I feel completely protected, free and safe there.

This morning, right before the alarm went off at half past 5, I heard noise from the road outside. I could hear it was blacks and it sounded like they were having a streetparty or something! They were singing and shouting and laughing, and I asked D what it was all about, and he said "it's probably the garbage truck" Haaah, asinging garbage truck?! But it might not be so far fetched, they do lay in the back on the garbage as they are driving... Wierdos.

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