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Friday, January 05, 2007

my S.A. blog init

I really can't wait to leave now! Missing London so much. And I can't help myself to look for Swedes in London or rescent photos taken in the city. But it just makes my heartache worse...

After a lot of thinking, I now think we've descided to look for a place in Hampstead; Hampstead Heath, for example, is so nice... And the park. It's like a little suburb but still very central. Perfect. But D might still be quite fond of Maida Vale, but I found it rather boring. It was pretty and all, and so easy and quick to get to and from the city from there. But hardly any restaurants and bars... Which is so important! There was "E-bar" which was very nice but boring becouse we've been there so many times, and then there were a pub, which was soooo dodgy.... Then a few really expensive little French cafes and such, which were really quite nice but cost way too much for what you actually got. I suppose, after all, Warwick Avenue is a very posh area.

But nownow, this is supposed to be a "South African blog", I am after all still in S.A.
But not much is happening down here at the moment. It's all really quiet becouse it's right after the holidays. And me and D still don't have enough money to splash out with, despite selling half the car and sharing rent with the Germans. It's all for London. And today we are buying D's planeticket.
Yesterday I slept until 3pm becouse I only got home at half past 7am after a nightshift. Then D came and woke me up with food in bed (as always!) and he had gotten me some magazines from the library. Then we descided to be just a little bit good today and get some exercise, so we took a long walk on the bach before the sun set. Then I watched a movie and then back to sleep. I sleep a lot. It might make the time to go quicker.

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