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Thursday, January 18, 2007


Watching a video clip from a Tiesto consert in Rio and it looks absolutely amazing. A new goal to add to the list - go to Rio.
Haha, also found this picture on the news of a car parked outside a hospital!
And I also read that our Swedish prince got stopped by the police on the airport in America when he flew in becouse he had forgotten his passport in Venezuela and the police didn't believe him when he said "I'm Swedish royalty"!

Last night when the sun set, D and I saw a comet by the horizon. It's called McNaught and apparantly it's the brightest one we've been able to see for 30 years. And it's made from ice! It got discovered last year and it got us talking - if scientists would discover that a comet would hit the earth in a years time, would they tell us? I don't think so. We would have chaos. Would want to know? I wouldn't....I think.

Damn it's hard to have a pleasant night at work... I have my headsets on but the French guy next to me can hear my music, and I can hear his, so he keeps turning up his radio. And he's singing aswell... Right now I want to rip his head off and throw him out the window.

Am I talking about D too much? He keeps telling me that whenever he goes to a party and I'm not there, I'm all he ever speaks about. I want to do the same to him, and I want to shout out to everyone that I'm his! I am so proud to be his girlfriend... I feel, I know I am, so lucky to have him. But he has become a bit of a cleanfreak at home, he can't stop cleaning. But that's not all bad!

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