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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

CV, 35 dgrs, beer

I'm trying to write up a CV. Again. I never finish them becouse I don't like them. How can I make a CV good with barely any education and only petty little jobs that I've gone back and forth to? What do I write about IbizaAngels? And the paintball job?

Today we had 35 degrees outside with barely any wind. And ofcourse we had to drive for over an hour to get my passport stamped with the extention of my visa... And ofcourse we don't have air-con in the car. At least I got to swim in the pool for a little while today and stand in the sea for 3 minutes between the visa appointment and work...
And I got up to the office and the air-con didn't work properly becouse of the heat, and my chocolate melted and so did my cheese on my sandwiches (which is not entirely a bad thing).

I did take some pictures today, of the beach and some townships that we drove past, and I was going to put them up here but I forgot the camera cabel... And the first couple of hours we didn't have internet at work, thought it would have been for the whole 8 hours, but thank god it came back! Otherwise I'd have played Solitaire the whole night!

After D dropped me off at work this afternoon, he had to wait 2 hours before he could pick the Germans up. And when they finally came they wanted to wait a while until the traffic calmed down. So they went to a bar and bought him 2 beers! How long I've waited for a cold beer in a pub.... And now the fucken Germans takes D there! I'm so jelous right now...

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