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Thursday, January 04, 2007


I took this photo just 5 minutes ago from work. On the other side of the office the sun is rising over Africa. And next to me sits a slumbering african.
It's been a long night at work but still I'm not very tired. Seems like as if I just don't get tired in front of a computer. As soon as I get in to the car after work though, I become a zombie..

Last night we had our first brai in the house with the German couple that just moved in with us for January. They're nice people but speak little english which can be a bit irritating sometimes.

Otherwise all is cool, not much happening at the moment as we are saving all our money for London. So we mostly just stay at home or kill some good hours on the beach. Sometimes, when we're lucky, the currant comes from the Indian ocean which makes it a bit warmer than if it comes from the Atlantic, and then it's really nice to jump in the water! And today we went looking for shark teeth on the beach! Heard that you sometimes can find them there!

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