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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm gonna study!

I might have descided finally, but am prepared for a change of hearts fairly soon.... I am going to study Graphic Design! It has cought my attention and my affection (can I say that about a subject?) and I find it very beautiful. Or maybe just study that sort of design and then get into Web Design, I don't know.
So do I do it in London then? Is that expensive? Which school? When do I start? How do I do it at the same time as I work? So many questions, it almost puts me straight off studying again...!

Today we have to wait 2 hours for the Germans to finish work so we're going to go to one of Clifton's beaches and sit on the beach for a while. It's like a mini-paradise there... Then a couple of people are coming over to view the flat, and then we're off to the cinema to see Blood Diamond! D has been dying to see it.And after today I only have 3 more shifts at work! Cool.

I wish everyone in London who new me and D a year ago, could see us now and how great we have become. The people that used to doubt us and think that we wouldn't last. Now WE are the ones that is lasting, when everybody else is breaking up! I wasn't as bad as everybody thought I was. It used to be very hurtful to hear that my "friends" were going behind my back trying to make D realise how bad I was for him, well, who's laughing now bitches! Haha, screw you.

First thing I'm gonna do when I get back to London? Go to a pub and have a pint of beer! Looking forward to it most of all.

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