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Saturday, January 27, 2007

We're getting babies!

D and I have descided that we want to get ourselfs a few housemates when we move in to our own place in London. Two kittens and one puppy Dalmation! I am still reading about the Dalmations and some say they make very easygoing pets, while some say it's not for a first time dog owner. But then again, a baby is probably the hardest thing to have, and you could never say it's not for "1st time mother's". It's something you learn along the way, to keep a pet or a baby. But the kittens are descided for sure! I have been longing for a pet for so long now... I miss my cat back home in Sweden.

I have also descided that I want a red convertible Mini Cooper Sport! Haha. Except I can't drive on the left-handside of the road in London anyway... I'll have D to drive me around perhaps!

Tonight I am so upset that I couldn't come with D and his friends, who are down from Pretoria, to Camps Bay and drink coctails by the beach! They are only down here untill Monday and so it will probably be the same shit tomorrow. At least it's my last day at work tomorrow afternoon.

Two nights ago we had our London friends over at the house for drinks and a brai. Started off drinking by the pool, amazingly cool. Then we had drinks again yesterday then with the Pretoria friends. I don't enjoy drinking that much anymore so I didn't have much on either of the nights. Won't wake up with the dreaded hangover that way then like D did!

Only 3 days left in Cape Town now. I don't really feel sad about it. At all. But rather quite relieved... No matter what the weather's like in the UK, I'm sure I will feel a lot happier there than here.

2 things I am going to buy here and bring back to London? - Roiboos tea and Pro-nutro breakfast! Yum

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