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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Illegal foreigner

That's what I am today, an illegal foreigner in South Africa. I got to the home affairs and it was so African; green walls, sweaty, slow... They crapped me out at first asking me why I had waited so long before extending my visa, it expired yesterday. I wasn't planning on extending it at all becouse I knew it costs a lot of money. But then how was I gonna be able to fly to Johannesburg? They gave us a R1000 fine and we had to pay R425 for the extention. Shit, we can't afford that right now! But there was a judge next door and so we went to her and asked her to lower the fine, and she wrote off the whole thing! What a nice lady.

Yesterday we were sitting bored at home so we went and bought a bottle of vodka and some diet coke and then we went to the beach and started drinking. We got so pissed.... I can't even remember half the evening. D told me today that we went swimming, the water was lovely yesterday, but I was too drunk to stand, I'm glad I didn't drown! Then I kept falling over on the way home, then we spoke to some neighbour, and this morning I found the bathroom in a total mess. D can't remember anything that happened from the time we got home to when we went to bed. I must have made a fool out of myself, but at least we had a very good time.

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