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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Back home

Now I'm in London. And I'm happier than I've been for almost a year! It feels so incredibly good to be back... Now I can finally do my own thing and be my self again. It's exciting and cool and it's my home.

D went through the passport control fine and quick at Gatwick, he even went to the line for the EU citizens! So now he's just a few years away from becoming a British citizen.

We stayed at a hostel in Kensal Green the first night back. Shared a room with 2 drunk Italians but it was ok. Met up with our 2 best friends here for a few beers in Shepherd's Bush and then we went and viewed a house in dodgy Wood Green. But we ended up taking a room in Willesden Junction instead and we moved in last night. It's alright and only temporary, we will look for a nicer place more central in a couple of months.

D's working today already which is good becouse we need the money. I'll probably only start working next week or the week after. Not looking forward to that at all.... Will look for another part-time job aswell as my nightjob, the more money the better.

Now I'm headed out to Kilburn High Road to buy some food for the house, roses for D, haircolour and maybe a hat!

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