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Friday, February 16, 2007

Cheap date

That's our new house. I like those old style British houses.

I called my old boss today and it looks as if I can start working next week already. He told me there is heaps of work for me, both day- and nightwork. Not looking forward to it that much but it will be nice to earn some good money again.

Last night we met one of D's old mates from high school, he's over from Portugal for a week. He's very nice. We had a few beers and I got drunk after only 2. Gosh, that's tragic... Got to get used to the whole drinking thing again. But at least it doesn't cost us a lot of money that way.

The sun is actually shining here today. London looks so beautiful when the sun is out. And I'm spending the day on Kilburn high road again... But everything I need is right here and very cheap. Haven't been in to the centre yet and I can't go until D's off work on Monday otherwise he'd probably get mad! He's been dieing to see Piccadilly for so long now. I've been dieing to go to Camden for so long! But I wan to go there with money so that I can buy stuff for our home. Went to IKEA yesterday and bought some stuff. Love IKEA! Feel right at home. And I got so happy when I saw they had Swedish food to buy aswell! Sw. caviar and meatballs and rosehip soup and "dammsugare"-cookies! Definately going back there soon again with D.

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