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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wasting money, wasting life

The weather is on the telly right now and they just showed us the weather. We're getting snow again! But what's the point in having snow when it doesn't stay on the ground for even a second. But rather snow that rain I suppose.

And see - as soon as I start working, my creative mind just switches off... Is it worth it? Not really. I can't continue "waisting" my time on something I know is not for me.
So today I've found out even more about writing courses! I can't seem to find any good short courses in journalism, only creative writing. But that's more fiction writing; scripts, novels and poetry. But it's always good to build on your CV right? At least it's in the industry.

I wanna go to the hairdresser... Fuck, I can't even remember when I went last! I do it myself.... don't laugh. It works - my hair is long enough for me to pull it in front of my face and see exactly where it needs to be cut!
God I've been careful with my money lately! Too careful... I should spend money on me, I'm a girl. But I'm getting my taxreturns with my paycheck this Friday, maybe I should use it for some shopping then.

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