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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Keep it coming!

Went out last night for ome drinks. It was nice to be out in a group in a busy place for a a change! Yes, we have become one of those couples who rather stay in cuddeling up in the sofa, than go out with our friends.... Sad, I know.
When are we actually get over our honeymoon period...? Hopefully never. People are giving us compliments apparently on how cute we are together! Soppy...? Maybe, but who gives a damn.

And now I'm trying to soak up the 'me-time'. But the two days I get just isn't enough. I need Friday to become part of the weekend too!
Soon I'm gonna meet my man in the city, hopefully buy a laptop! Then I wanna go stuff my face in the gorgeous little pattiserie down the street!


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