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Monday, March 17, 2008

No good

I just couldn't get myself to blog yesterday... I barely spent any time on the internet! Not like me. Instead i spent the whole day being depressed. I wish I could say why... Maybe it was the fact that D used up all the hot water for the morning shower, or that he made my towel wet, or that he felt distant... Or maybe i just woke up on the wrong side.

Anyway! We went out and bought new towels, DVD's and groceries, and even squeezed in a coffee and massive chocolate cake! yumyum....
But I didn't feel right all day. Lightheaded still. Dunno why but today I'm calling the doctor.
Now I'm back at work for another long week. But Friday is a bank holiday and so is next Monday, so a long weekend is on the cards! jippiee

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