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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I've been there too

Yesterday was Guinness Day - St Patricks Day! So we took a walk to the irish pub down the road, O'Niels, and had a couple of Guinness'. I don't even like Guinness. But if you pour a little blackcurrant cordial into it, it goes down a bit easier...
And god I was tipsy after just one pint, how sad am I?? Cheap date. And my boyfriend drinks like a sponge and finished 3 by the time I had only finished my first....

On the news here yesterday they talked about the Norwiegan girl who was murdered and hidden in the trash in someone's basement. I don't know why, but it hit me harder than other bad news and I was really sad about it... Maybe it freaks me out a bit because I've been there so many times myself - going home with strangers for an after party in a private flat. Looking back I've been incredibly foolish too many times... I've been so naive. That's what Scandinavian girls are abroad - naive.
Thank god I have someone who looks after me now and doesn't let me do those idiotic things anymore.

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