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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The ring question - European style, or American style?

Today I'm blogging from my favourite coffee shop! The patisserie I mentioned before. But today I'm alone so I brought my laptop as company. Got a great seat right at the little table right by the window. So I can see everything but still feel secluded. I feel cool like a 'freelancer'!
Dan is working all day today and might not be home until after 8 or 9 tonight so I gotta entertain myself. Don't like it when he works on the weekends, it's the only time we get to spend some real time with eachother! At least he's making a lot of money and he did say he bought me a pressie. To make up for it maybe...
(Grumpy girl next to me, stop staring at my computer!!)

I love this coffee place.... I wish I could live here.

Is it wierd that I look at people's ringfingers all the time.....? Am I jealous, or am I just curious? I want one too. I can admit that. We've talked about it, and he thinks I'm wierd when I say I'd say no if he proposed with a diamond ring. I just don't like diamonds, ok? I like the thick gold rings; simple, won't get stuck in my clothes, and always trendy. And I've also told him I won't wear my engagement ring if he doesn't wear one too. What? -I'm not the only one in the relationship to get engaged! He is too.

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