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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Toilet-man, where are you?

Still waiting for the handy-man to come fix the toilet. Where the fuck IS he?? One would think it would be quite urgent to fix someone's toilet!! I had to go wee in the o'Niels pub on my way to Sainsbury's before.... Embarrasing.
And christ it's become expensive to buy food all of the sudden! £20 for some oats, meat, bread and chocolates! Why is it that all things that are good for you is too expensive for most people? Typical Britain, a country for the elite.

My back is really sore now... And I refuse to admit it's probably because I've been sitting slouched by the computer since 8 this morning! I wanna go lay down but I don't want to be in bed when (if!) the toilet-man shows up.

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