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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Old girls with young boyfriends

As we were leaving on the shuttle bus to work this morning, these two ladies came running. One with pink hair. They sat down right behind behind me and I could hear they didn't really know eachother all that well. But they started talking about men. Or boyfriends actually...

"So have you had many boyfriends?"

"Yes, I tend to go for the younger type."

"How young are we talking?"

"Well.... the last one was 32. But he was married, and that never goes that well. Another I liked, was 22. But he had a girlfriend.... And he didn't seem to take it all so serious. But I've never had any problems with men. Maybe because I've been married most the time."

"I understand they don't like tubby girls."

"But then again, some do...."

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