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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Swedish bloggers

At work. Got so much to do - I've read hundreds of blogs! Found some good ones, but most of it's crap. So much time wasted on writing those crappy ones.......shame. Specially this one (it's in Swedish) - - wow, what a waste. Can't understand how she can make millions on her blog and how she has so many readers. All she ever says is:

"Today I went to the cafe with Camilla and this is how my lunch looked!

[photo of lunch]

Tonight we are gonna have dinner at Stures, Blondinbella AB is paying! I don't have time to write anymore right now, but this is how I look at this moment!

[photo of her doing The Pose]"



Now, if You wanna read my Swedish blog, it's to be found here:

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