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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


My new sunnies for this year!

What'ya think? They're turquoise which I've never even liked! Don't think I got the colour quite right on the photo though.... And I didn't know how to make the blue curtain in the background grey, haha! New to Photoshop. They got it for free online, did you know?

Enjoying time alone at the moment. He should be home soon though. It's good! I can have the whole cake for myself that I bought in the bakery on my way home!!
Listening to Gabrielle, perfect women-feel-good-music!
Totally feeling this woman-thing today - new clothes, cakes, pyjama, music....!! Great stuff.

The batteries for my iPod died this morning.... I feel gutted. My darling iPod who helps me through the tough times on the tube! He's dead. Completely out.....

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