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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Change of heart gets you nowhere

Instead of doing, I think.
Then I change my mind.
Then I have to start all over again.
Just a bit later when I can stress even more about it.

I will never go forward if I'm gonna continue thinking about everything all the time.
Sometimes I should just DO.

This time I changed my mind about studies. To give up 3 years of my precious life on something I don't even enjoy, just seems like such a stupid idea.
I want to have kids young (at least I think I do), but at the same time I want a career more than anything. I want to finally be able to do something I actually love doing.

I don't know anything, and it really bothers me.

And this whole thing makes me really depressed. I haven't been out of the house all weekend. I've got no motivation to go anywhere. London bores me.
Or maybe it's my life that does?

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